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Below are short descriptions of our five programs. Click on one of the links above or below for more detailed information about these programs, and their corresponding applications.

Social Justice and Development Internship Program

In accordance with ICADS' objectives, this program offers a structured internship that helps to integrate theoretical concepts and real-world experience.

Furthermore, the internship allows students the opportunity to do meaningful academic and practical work under the supervision of highly trained and committed international professionals. At the same time it permits them to make a contribution by giving something back to the host society through the projects on which they work. Parallel to its academic aims, the Internship program challenges students to develop self-initiative, personal resourcefulness, and a commitment to progressive social change. + Read More >>

Field Program: Environment and Sustainable Development

In these times of dwindling forestlands, runaway foreign debts, and increasing industrialization of agriculture, the economic future of developing countries hinges upon the implementation of socially and ecologically sound and sustainable strategies for natural resource use.

Despite its exemplary system of national parks and protected areas, Costa Rica struggles with numerous environmental threats (such as unplanned urban sprawl, waste disposal, increased consumerism and externalities from large-scale monocultures). Costa Rica also supports an agricultural development program that conflicts with existing environmental legislation and the protection of Costa Rica’s marvelously diverse natural resources. As the biological, economic, and cultural costs of tropical ecosystem destruction become more apparent, researchers and community leaders are drawing on diverse sciences to generate strategies for sustainable land use and wilderness preservation. + Read More >>

Language and Society Immersion Program

Spanish language competency is a means to an end at ICADS; our actual goal is to equip students to be able to relate effectively with people from this region of Latin America, which entails much more than language skills.

To this “end,” ICADS’ Language and Society Immersion Program stresses structured language learning throughout the entire semester (with a cumulative 240 hours of Spanish language instruction) in combination with a language-related practicum. + Read More >>

Summer Internship and Culture Training Program

The ICADS Summer Internship Program was created in response to requests for practical field experience in Costa Rica by individuals who wanted institutional support, but were unable to attend during the fall or spring semester and/or did not need academic credit.

This Summer program serves the interests of those who are looking for an excellent field experience in Costa Rica, but not necessarily a structured academic program. + Read More >>

Spanish Language Intensives

The major objectives of the ICADS Spanish program are consistent with the philosophy and goals of the Institute. Spanish is taught with an emphasis on learning about the politics, social conditions, environmental issues, and human rights in Central America today.

At ICADS we supplement intensive conversation, grammar and practice with guest lectures, discussions on the environment, culture, political processes, women's issues, and development, as well as site visits that create even more opportunities for total immersion learning. + Read More >>

Customized Short-term Programs

ICADS partners with numerous universities to create custom short-term programs, combining Spanish language classes with a focus on the course's specific topics, including site visits and special speakers.

ICADS is happy to work with professors to design unique, challenging, and innovative programs to meet each university's needs. + Read More >>

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some facts about Costa Rica

A country with no army but lots of flora and fauna

  • 208 species of mammals
  • 875 species of birds
  • 160 species of amphibians
  • 220 species of reptiles
  • 130 species of freshwater fish
  • 35,000 species of insects
  • and 9,000 species of vascular plants