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Students Testimonials

"ICADS is like our home from the time we arrive, but also Costa Rica is like a big home for ICADS programs. We need to feel comfortable very soon in order to start the program, even though it is not our permanent home."

Katie Wheeler, Eckerd College - Spring 2017

"The ICADS Field Program was definitely my favorite time period spent studying in my life. You get many opportunities to do outdoor environmental activities for class and outside of class as well as bond with your Field Program classmates. I loved this program and it was definitely the highlight of my college career."

Anders Johnson, University of Michigan

"ICADS was and will always be one of my favorite college experiences. I’ve found that the fields of sustainable development and agriculture science have endless possibilities, and I’m in debt to ICADS for letting me discover this passion of mine, and for giving me one of the most authentic educational experiences I have ever received."

Kerry Molloy, University of Michigan, Spring 2016

I would recommend ICADS to other students because the different programs help to understand different cultures of Central American countries. Also, it was nice to work in small groups. It made me feel more comfortable. The staff was very supportive in giving us everything we needed. They were like a second family when we were away from our home.

Melissa Michalek, Saint Mary’s College

Overall, it was fantastic. I had a great time. Everyone was welcoming, and helpful, and friendly. I enjoyed working on my Spanish and learning how education works in Costa Rica. It was a great experience, I really enjoyed my time here.

Maureen Monk, Saint Mary’s College