By: Diane Román

It’s Sunday and many people wake up very early. They want to get fresh fruit and vegetables for their weekly meals. Every weekend, many Costa Rican farmers sell their products in local fairs on the street. In these fairs, which are called “ferias del agricultor”, you can find a huge variety of products for a very reasonable price.

If you are studying abroad in Costa Rica, you definitely have to be a part of this amazing custom. If you are wondering why, here we’ll give you four reasons!

There’s no better place for you to try tropical fruits and local vegetables. At the market you can try many delicious fruits you did not even know existed. You just have to ask the seller and he will let you try. Most of them are really kind.

Get to know your neighborhood and the town you are living in

Visiting a local market in Costa Rica is such an experience. People usually go with their families and it is a great way to spend time with families, friends, and neighbors. Also, it is a great space for you to observe the local lifestyle.

Buy other local products

Not only can you find a huge variety of fruits and vegetables, you can also buy ornamental plants, dairy products, pastry, juices, crafts, and many other things that reflect Costa Rican culture.

 Help local production

Besides its cultural importance, this space is crucial for the farmer’s economy. It allows them to sell their products directly, with no intermediaries needed. In these fairs you can find better prices than in supermarkets and fresher products.  So, if you visit “la feria del agricultor”, there’s benefit for you and the farmer.

Remember, add visiting “La Feria” with your host family to your “to do list” when coming to Costa Rica!